Nutrition for the Life of your Pet

I am Rosaline Hansen, a self-proclaimed crazy dog mom and the owner of Pet Wants Newton. My dogs play a huge role in my life and in making me happy every day. I launched this business because Pet Wants gives me a chance to really help fellow pet parents give their animals longer, healthier, happier lives.

I am a Massachusetts native and, for 15 years before Pet Wants, I worked in sales and marketing in the wine and spirits industry before my adoration for dogs drew me away. I absolutely love animals and my husband, Randy, and I loved the idea of having a family business, which led us to Pet Wants.

Randy and I have two rescue pups – a Golden/Lab mix (and mommy’s girl) named Luna and a Boxer/Lab mix (and daddy’s boy) named Loial. I have had dogs for most of my life and am a long-time donor to both the ASPCA and the Humane Society.

When we were thinking about opening Pet Wants, we got a few samples of the food. Both of my dogs absolutely loved it and Luna would no longer eat her old food without some Pet Wants sprinkled in. I had to horde the kibble until I could get more! I am thrilled to be able to bring such a great offering of products to the Greater Boston area through Pet Wants Newton. I can’t wait to meet you and your furry family members!

Our Inspiration

Very simply, you and your pets inspire us to innovate.

Pet Wants was founded on the belief that mainstream, big-box store pet food wasn’t synonymous with nutrition or quality. So, we created a better option. Second to your veterinarian, our goal is to be your trusted resource in pet care. From food and treats to skin relief, we earn that trust through transparency of ingredients and sourcing, a knowledgeable and caring staff, and a sincere passion to be the best and provide the best for you and your pet.